This animation has received a lot of compliments. As can be seen, it is a gentleman trying to hand crank start his car. The action repeats itself in a continuous loop. But I vary the length of time between action, up to a full minute. I want visitors to discover items as they roam the railroad, and not get to expecting a result.

The motion is made by a small 3v motor that is installed inside the bottom of the car. Telescoping tubing is used with the inner wire formed into a crank. Thus the motor moves the man, not the other way around.

The man underwent surgery to remove his right arm. Again tubing and a wire are used to create an axis for the arm to move (wire cemented to arm inserted into tubing placed in his body). This was not enough movement to get a full circle at the crank arm, so his feet were bolted to a small hinge, that is also bolted to the floor.

The shack behind the man contains an Arduino to control the animation with a motor control shield and a music player shield. A speaker is installed with black cloth hiding it. The shack was supposed to look like a tool shed, but folks have called it everything but.