San Pete Valley Railway Established 1880

The San Pete Valley Railway is a garden railroad that loosely represents a real railroad that existed in central Utah beginning in 1880. Visitors will find a representation of a small railroad, using primarily steam engines as they amble through narrow gauge country. The wild west is depicted, as well as some mythical aspects to the railroad (one might even find Big Foot!).
Please enjoy your visit and let the San Pete Valley Railway take you back to a wilder, yet slower paced time in America’s history.

The technical stuff:
Theme:  Central Utah 1880 -1920 ish,
Gauge: 3’ narrow gauge (45mm)
Track:  Hand laid code 250
Scale: 1:20.3, 1:24, 1:29
Mainline length:  Haven’t measured! Maybe 400′?
Minimum radius: 5′
Maximum grade: less than 1%
Control:  DCC by Digitrax, but can revert to analog

Proprietors: Sandy and John