Dutch Oven (DO) cooking had been thoroughly covered in many websites. So I won’t pontificate on do’s and don’ts. Except to say whatever one expert tells you to do or not to do, another expert will tell you the opposite. This is especially true of cleaning and seasoning. I will say that anything you can cook in an oven or stove top, can be cooked in a DO.

Okay, just the basics for the folks that are unfamiliar with this style of cooking. The Dutch Oven is made of cast iron (CI). Most of my ovens have legs on the bottom, and a raised lip on the lid. This is so that heat can be applied below and above the oven. The biggest benefit is being able to cook slowly (much like a crockpot), and that the heavy lid keeps moisture in. Turkey cooked in a Dutch Oven comes out very moist, without needed basting!