This animation was accomplished by using a Digitrax T4 to animate four functions.

  1. Cab lights are yellow LEDs with a 1k resistor.
  2. Marker lights are incandescent bulbs (to shine in outward directions)
  3. The heater chimney contains a Suerte 5v smoke unit. The electronics between the Digitrax T4 and the Suerte smoke unit will be described elsewhere.
  4. The conductors lamp is a red LED with the top and bottom portions of the lamp glued back on. The conductors motion is accomplished by a small 3v motor turning a cam that an ‘arm’ is moved by. This ‘arm’ is attached to the conductors arm, and hence the up and down movement. The arm was made movable by carefully slicing the arm off, adding telescoping tubing inside the body, with the center tube attached to his arm. The lanterns wiring is achieved by one wire attached to the tubing, and the other insulated wire inside the tubing. From there grooves were cut in the conductors arm to route the wires down to the lantern. Putty filled the grooves back up, and conductor painted.